The main hall was built in 1914 as the ‘Estate Hall’ for the Parkfield Estate when that area of the village was first developed Additional rooms to provide a caretaker’s flat were added to the rear of the hall in the 1930s. The Hall was then requisitioned by the Army for the duration of the Second World War and was returned in a poor condition. Necessary repairs were carried out in the late 1940s and ownership of the Hall was eventually transferred to the North Ferriby Parish Council in 1962, the ‘general management and control of the Trust premises and arrangement for their use’ having been vested in a Management Committee with specified duties and powers as Charity Trustee some ten years earlier.

Following the refurbishment of the late 1940s, no major repair work or alterations were carried out until 2009 when the rear section of the 1930s extension was modified to provide a replacement surgery for the village. At that time it was recognised that, although the main hall was in sound condition, the rear section was not only very dilapidated but also made poor use of the site. It was therefore decided, firstly, to carry out necessary improvements to the main hall and related facilities and, secondly, to completely redevelop the rear section. The improvements to the main hall have become known as Phase 1 and the redevelopment of the rear as Phase 2.

Under Phase 1, and following the completion of the surgery, a programme of improvements has been carried out including:

  • modernisation and enlargement of the toilet facilities
  • complete refitting of the kitchen
  • construction of small bar to serve the main hall
  • re-decoration of the Green Room and lobbies
  • provision of WiFi throughout

and in the main hall itself:

  • modernisation of the stage lighting
  • provision of a projector and wide screen
  • an improved sound system, and
  • an improved sound loop.


One project remaining under Phase 1 is the re-rendering of the external walls of the main hall. Improvements to the Priory meeting room are also planned in order to enhance its attractiveness to users until Phase 2 is completed.

The main hall already provides a first class venue for a wide range of village activities and, in considering the redevelopment of the rear section of the Hall, the Management Committee sought to extend the provision of services to create a village community centre, enhancing, complementing and extending the facilities of the hall. Several village needs were clear;

  • The youth club (run by All Saints Church) closed some years ago and socialising opportunities for older teenagers are now severely restricted.
  • The small library is constrained by lack of space and, as in most small communities, is vulnerable to cost saving closure.
  • Provision for older residents is very limited.

In addition:

  • A large area of light-industry, currently under development to the west of the village, has been recognised as creating a need for properly equipped conference and meeting room facilities for occasional use by the smaller companies moving onto the site.


The views of villagers have been influential in the development of plans, and feedback has been garnered by different methods, including two village-wide questionnaires and several open days. The Parish Council has recorded its support for the project, and work is now in progress to prepare detailed plans for submission for planning approval.

The Phase 2 Redevelopment Plans are, based around:

  • A lounge
  • The Library
  • An extended surgery, and
  • Enlarged conference and meeting facilities.

The Lounge.   

The lounge (with bar) is placed adjacent to the main hall to provide additional facilities for functions in the hall. An adjoining Games Room, together with the lounge, provides the basic requirements for a Youth Club, and the lounge is also ideal for an informal ‘Drop-In’ Club for more elderly residents. The adjacent kitchen allows for the provision of meals if needed.

The Library.

Following discussions with senior officers of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council it was agreed to provide approximately 80m2 for use by the Library, rent free. It is hoped that this will ensure the continuing provision of both traditional and more extended library services in the village.

The Surgery.

The Grange Hessle Primary Care Centre, which leases the existing surgery, has asked for an additional, nurses’ room and this has been incorporated in an extended and improved surgery layout.

Conference and Meeting Facilities.

Two meeting rooms on the first floor have replaced the Priory Room (approx. 60m2) and Dance Studio (approx. 33m2). The first, Meeting Room 1, is approximately 75m2 and the second, Meeting Room 2, is approximately 50m2 but can be divided into two rooms of approximately 30m2 and 20m2 respectively. Unlike the existing, both new rooms will be fitted with projection equipment. A small kitchenette is also provided.



The initial estimate of the cost of Phase 2 is up to £900,000.  This will have to be financed primarily from grants, donations and sponsorship, although other avenues are also being explored in tandem with these.  Active fundraising has already started and will be ramped up during the next few years.  In the meantime if you, or your business, would be interested in helping, either financially or in kind, or by volunteering to assist at events or by, for example, delivering leaflets, please contact us and we shall be glad to discuss options with you.

The architect’s impressions of the finished result are shown below.


view 2 b colour early draft view 1 b colour early draft