The 100Club is a lottery which is limited to one hundred members, each of whom pays £60 a year (just over £1 a week).  Half goes to our Village Hall Redevelopment Fund, and the other half is returned to the members in the form of three cash prizes each month.

Currently we have about 45 members and the prizes are determined as a percentage of the monthly prize fund available, as follows:

First prize 48%
Second prize 20%
Third prize 12%

With 100 members the monthly prizes would be:

First prize £120
Second prize £50
Third prize £30

and a special Christmas draw with prizes of:

First prize £480
Second prize £200
Third prize £120

We welcome new members at any time.  You can pick up an Application Form from the Post Office or telephone 01482 632126, or complete and sign this one and pass it to a committee member or email it to us 100 Club Application form

Joining the North Ferriby Redevelopment Fund 100Club now will give you entry to the next twelve monthly draws.


100Club – AUGUST 2016 Winning Numbers

First prize           £45    No.78
Second prize     £20    No. 57
Third prize          £12    No. 51